The State Fire Marshal's Office and the National Association of State Fire Marshals urge all property owners with buildings and homes constructed after 1989 with yellow corrugated stainless steel tubing to have the tubing checked for proper bonding and grounding. CSST is at risk of damage and fire from a lightning strike if not properly bonded and grounded. "CSST is a flexible, stainless steel pipe used to supply natural gas and propane in residential, commercial and industrial structures," reported NASMF "Coated with a yellow, or in some cases, a black exterior plastic coating, CSST is usually routed beneath, through and alongside floor joists in your basement, inside interior wall cavities and on top of ceiling joists in attic spaces... "... If you find CSST after inspecting your home or business, it is strongly recommended that you determine if the CSST system is properly bonded and grounded. A bonding device should be installed on your natural gas system in order to reduce the chances of a natural gas leak or fire. Bonding is provided primarily to prevent a possible electric shock to people who come in contact with the gas piping and other metal objects connected to the grounding system. Nearby lightning strikes can also result in an electrical surge and can potentially puncture a hole in the CSST. Proper bonding and grounding will reduce the risk of damage and fire from a lightning strike." Visit for more information.