As it turns out, the Texas Department of Transportation - the same folks who brought us "Grayford" on the distance marker between Graham and Graford - is looking at abandoning a number of its highways. A recent article in The Dallas Morning News noted that TxDOT officials are making plans to transfer road maintenance from the state to the county on several highways to "increase local control." This follows the recent information from TxDOT's Fort Worth office that it wanted to abandon Park Road 36 and FM 2951 here at Possum Kingdom Lake. Those folks never informed anyone that it was to "increase local control." A county judge in Victoria was also approached by TxDOT and apparently he dug in his heels at the idea. It was reported TxDOT told him the move affects only those counties with populations over 50,000. Palo Pinto County is about half that. Here's the apparent dirty secret - TxDOT officials have been under the belief that Park Road 36 and FM 2951 only served "local" traffic. It is unclear if that mistaken position came to light as an excuse to back off abandoning the two roads or if they are so misinformed they didn't know better. After all, it is difficult to sit in one's office day after day and know what is really happening in a person's sphere of responsibility. But, we are discussing government employees. What the future holds is unclear as representatives from TxDOT have not come back with ultimatums or alternatives.


Perhaps they are waiting until the last minute to issue an ultimatum. "It's this or nothing by Aug. 31." Hopefully, someone has filled in a few blanks, educated them and shown them the error of their assumptions. Whatever happens, it has nothing to do with "increased local control" and everything to do with lowering their maintenance costs by shifting the burden to county governments. That way, in the next governor's race, candidates can show taxpayers how much money was saved and how much lower budgets are - just like it has been ever since someone came up with the bright idea of shifting responsibilities for paying for the state's business to county government.