Monday, judges at the State Office of Administrative Hearings decided that Possum Kingdom Lake Association will have standing in the proceedings to rule on Brazos River Authority's request to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to sell an additional 1 million acre-feet of water. "It means we can be involved in the whole process," said Caroline Land, PKLA secretary. In addition, a hydrological report prepared for PKLA by an independent hydrologist can be entered into evidence as well as other reports. "We get to be part of all the discovery, we wouldn't be blind sided," she added. In addition, if TCEQ suggestions arbitration for a lesser amount of water sales, PKLA would be part of that process as well. Sue Cathey, business manager of Possum Kingdom Water Supply Corp., attended the meeting in Austin. She said the meeting was to determine which parties would be allowed to have input at an administrative hearing before the request goes to TCEQ commissioners for a final decision. The administrative hearing will ensure documentation is in order. Cathey said preliminary disclosures will begin to be due Friday, Sept. 13. The administrative hearing is scheduled for Monday, April 21, through Friday, May 2. Judges also granted party status to Hood County, the city of Granbury, the Lake Granbury Waterfront Owners Association, Friends of the Brazos and the Brazos River Alliance. Also granted party status were Ken Hackett, founder of the Alliance, and Joe Williams, president of the LGWOA.