At a special meeting Monday, Palo Pinto County commissioners met to move forward with a tax incentive to attract a small-arms ammunition manufacturer to Mineral Wells. Steve Butcher, Area Growth Council based in Mineral Wells, said Texas Ultra Precision Ammunition is looking to build the facility. "They are buying $20 million in equipment and two big machines," he said, adding that the equipment would be purchased in Italy. If it comes to pass, the company would employ about 200 people. The proposed location would be just south of Ellis White Road near the intersection of Lee Road, just off Fort Wolters. Butcher said the company wants to hire veterans. "A number of board members are ex-military," he explained. "A couple of them are wounded." Butcher said the company is looking at a couple of old barracks buildings located just north of the old CCA location at Fort Wolters. Currently under lease to CCA from the city, they were designated to house detainees. Additional requirements of the lease included asbestos abatement and new roofs. "They did all the clean-up, but it was never used," Butcher said. If CCA surrenders the lease, the buildings would go to GSA for potential use by a federal entity. If not used, then it would go to the state, where the Texas National Guard has shown some interest in obtaining use of the buildings. However, if not, TUPA would use the facility for veterans - housing, food, and limited medical as well as a training facility for the plant. "They would also teach other skills, such as welding and fabrication," Butcher said, adding that those jobs are in high demand in the area. Under the county side of the tax abatement, the company would receive a tax abatement of 75 percent for 10 years. Butcher said the county currently collects about $235 per year on the 113 acre tracts. The company would pay $37,000 for 10 years, then $148,000 thereafter.