Earlier this month, the Lake Granbury Coalition presented information to Brazos River Authority, State Sen. Brian Birdwell and State Rep. Jim Keffer that was included in its “white paper,” which was made public several months ago.
“They would like BRA to change the draw-down protocol from the Halff Study from the current 1.75:1 or 1:1 ratio (depending on conditions) to a ratio of up to 3.5:1 so that more water is released from PK to Lake Granbury,” reported Matt Phillips, BRA government and customer relations manager. “They would also like Granbury to be maintained at no lower than 690 feet mean sea level, which is about 2.5 feet below full. Another of their contentions is that, because there are more facilities located on Lake Granbury than on PK, Lake Granbury should be given more consideration due to greater economic impacts.
“The BRA has no plans to make any changes to the draw-down protocol at this time,” he added. “We would only consider doing so with full participation from individuals representing interests at PK and Granbury.”
Phillips noted that BRA plans to look at gathering more “on the ground” data to assess some of the information and assumptions used in the original study effort with regard to elevations and when facilities are out of service.
Cost estimates and time-line information are currently being gathered for this task.