This week, the Brazos River Authority Board of Directors voted to seek a third-party sale for the divestiture of commercial and the remaining residential leases at Possum Kingdom Lake.
Passage of the resolution authorized moving ahead with the sale was passed following an executive session.
“WHEREAS, the Brazos River Authority has been directed to divest of its remaining commercial and residential leased properties at Possum Kingdom Lake pursuant to Senate Bill 918, passed by the 83rd Session of the Texas Legislature; and
“WHEREAS, in accordance with the provisions of Senate Bill 918, the Brazos River Authority intends to seek a third party purchaser for these remaining properties.
“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of the Brazos River Authority hereby directs staff to develop and post request for bids to purchase the remaining Brazos River Authority commercial and residential leased property at Possum Kingdom Lake, consistent with Senate Bill 918, of the 83rd Session of the Texas Legislature.”
Under SB 918, BRA has two years from the date the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission accepted BRA’s license to operate the electric generation plant at Morris Sheppard Dam.
In another matter, Matt Phillips, BRA government and customer relations manager, told the board that commissioners with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality voted to create a watermaster for PK down to the Gulf of Mexico, a move that would take 15-18 months to complete.


Also, Brad Brunett, BRA water services manager, told the board the drought is measurable and significant.
He said the South Bend gauge, located in Young County just north of PK Lake, showed a drop of 350,000 acre feet of water flowing into PK Lake. And a gauge at Hempstead shows the lowest flow for the past five to eight years since 1939.
In addition, he reported that it would take several days of rain for improvement in water levels for PK and Granbury.
The entire system has seen a steady decline of 7 percent over the last three years.