Significantly more county Republicans than Democrats cast ballots in the run-off elections.
Somewhere around 992 voted in the Republican race, while about 70 Democrats cast ballots.
Palo Pinto County Republicans gave Dan Patrick the nod over incumbent David Dewhurst in a bid to be the lieutenant governor candidate. Patrick received 655 votes to Dewhurst’s 330.
In the attorney general race, county Republicans preferred Ken Paxton to Dan Branch, 620-359.
For agriculture commissioner, county voters preferred Tommy Merritt over Sid Miller, 502-438.
Ryan Sitton out polled Wayne Christian 569 to 381 for railroad commissioner.
State-wide results showed the Republican winners to be Patrick, for lieutenant governor; Paxton, attorney general; Miller, agriculture commissioner; and Sitton, railroad commissioner.
On the Democrat side, county voters preferred David M. Alameel to Kesha Rogers, 58-19, as the candidate for U.S. Senate.
In the race to become agriculture commissioner candidate, Jim Hogan was the favorite over Richard “Kinky” Friedman, collecting 36 votes to Friedman’s 33.
Statewide, Alameel won the race as did Hogan.
Results are unofficial until canvassed.
Election Day will be Tuesday, Nov. 4.