Throughout the whole ordeal, the process of buying a house is absolutely horrendous. It can be stressful, nerve racking and even heart breaking. First of all, there is the decision of location. What part of the country? What state? Is there a need for dry climate or tons of snow? After the location of what area is most desirable comes the investigation of the neighborhood. What does the neighborhood look like? Does it feel safe? Is there a need for a school and, if so, is the school a good one? Can it meet the needs of the children they teach? What else is nearby - stores, churches, police department, fire department? If all is well so far, now comes the task of looking for that dream home. This part is not nearly as difficult as it used to be, thanks to the Internet. All that really has to be decided is how many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed? How big of a garage is needed, how many kitchen cabinets are required and is a back yard an absolute necessity? It's perfectly fine to be picky about choosing what qualifications a house needs. After all that is determined, a quick Google search and there it is: a list of all available houses in the area. Most come with pictures or a phone number with the Realtor for an appointment. If no houses are available in the immediate area, it's rather simple to expand the search out a mile or more. Once a house is chosen and the real estate agent is contacted, comes the actual purchasing and closing. Sometimes this can take longer than other times.


But in the end, when everything is done and the moving is complete, it didn't seem all that bad after all. (Have a question? Email