The PK Lions Club hit some hard times and membership has fallen to a limited few. "We got behind, there's been a lot of funerals and the Lions Club membership dwindled," said Alan Fires, president of the organization. "We're beginning to lose the last few of our old Lions Club members because they're just worked down." He explained that a couple of events lost money, events that had historically generated enough funds to keep the club financially sound. "The Super Bowl party last year lost money, folks went other places and it was teams nobody cared about," he said. Bingo has been canceled because of changes in the state and a shortage of people to run it. "The state turned Bingo over to the lottery commission," Fires explained. "It took too much time and we were losing money. Bingo is what built this building. It's another program four or five people cannot run it every Saturday." And the pancake breakfast will not be held over Labor Day weekend. "We did the last pancake breakfast with just five Lions there," Fires recalled. "We begged our neighbors to help. "This last pancake breakfast was probably the best one we've had." While the Lions Club has feel on tough time, it continues to offer support when and where it can. "The Lions Club has always given to the fire department and EMS," Fires said. "We still continue to do stuff - eye glasses for the eye bank and buy glasses for kids in school."