Thanksgiving dinner has come and gone for another year and with it goes the dieting and watching the scales. Many people tend to overeat for the holidays and, who wouldn't? The temptation is just too much. The turkey is nice and juicy and the ham is simply divine. Then there's the delectable side dishes and rolls. Who can say no to a slice of pumpkin pie with a big scoop of Cool Whip? Friday after Thanksgiving comes along and leftovers are just as wonderful as the dinner itself. Now it's time to get back into shape and, once again, people have a tendency to overdo it in this area as well. They get into a big hurry to lose the extra weight so they hit the gym going full speed ahead. Then it's time to walk the block and do some sit ups and push ups and weight lifting. Getting back into shape should not be rushed. Take it easy and let the body's muscles get used to the exertion. Start with a minimal workout, always warming up beforehand. Walk a bit around the block and work into a longer walk or a jog. Working out at the gym is a great way to get fit, but not every exercise has to be done in one visit. This will only cause undue aches and pains and cramps that slow down the workouts. Start with a few miles on the treadmill and a few pushups. The longevity of the workouts can be built up into a more aggressive workout while checking blood pressure and heart rate throughout the exercise regimen. Getting back into shape is hard but it can be done without adding complications. Slow down and take time to learn what part of the body needs more work and focus on that. Have fun working out and enjoy the benefits. Before long the hard work will pay off and results will be noticeable. (Have a question? Email