Graford High School students with perfect attendance for the first semester are treated to a special event Jan. 19 with a trip to Bass Hall to see the Blue Man Group, thanks to the generosity of the Walton Family Foundation's grant program. The performance was followed by a celebratory dinner at Red Lobster. Students with perfect attendance were Eric Phillips, Rode Newton, Preston Tabor, Nicole Taylor, Jacqueline Feregrino, Carolina Torres, Miriya Little, Shawn Welch, Shasta Welch, Christopher Zamora, Josh McKinley, Jacob Moss, Emily Miles,Esmeralda Balvantin, Trenton Higgins, Ulysses Hernandez, Makayla Reed, Tanner Hargrove, Trey Ranft, Shelby Townes, Sydney Wimberly and Katie Rochelle.