Everywhere anyone goes there are laws, rules and regulation that were put in place for safety reasons. While driving, there are laws pertaining to traffic - seat belts, changing lanes and many more. When entering a public store or establishment, there are rules to follow regarding shoplifting, proper conduct and more. While attending school, there are rules as to what to wear, how to act, carrying weapons, cheating and lots more. Everyone, everywhere has the responsibility of following these rules and laws. If they are followed then things run pretty smoothly, but what happens when rules are broken, when the laws are disobeyed? There comes a time when almost everyone breaks a rule. Whether intentional or not, there has to be some sort of reprimand in order to teach right from wrong, to show what is acceptable and what is not. Some people, when getting caught doing something wrong, get upset and defensive, while others accept their punishment and move on. Proper conduct when being approached by a law enforcement officer is very important. Running from or avoiding the officer poses the presumption of guilt. If caught doing something wrong, face it head on. If the person knows he or she was doing wrong then accept that and let the officer do what needs to be done. They have jobs to do just like everyone else. Making their job harder just makes it worse on everyone involved.


Everyone has the right to appeal a decision regarding punishment if necessary, but at the time of the wrongdoing, the person should just keep calm, talk to the officer, be honest about the situation and do what needs to be done to get things straightened out so everyone can go home peacefully. Recently, an officer performed a traffic stop. He stopped a lady for speeding. The lady was given a ticket, which she accepted willingly, knowing she deserved it. The officer was nice and thanked the lady for her pleasant attitude. There was even a moment of laughter between them. This goes to show that defensiveness was unnecessary and that some officers even have a sense of humor. The lady went on her way to take care of the violation and the officer went about his business, both knowing that, even though it was an unpleasant situation, both were accepting and cordial, making the whole ordeal better for them to handle. Next time someone is caught breaking a law or rule and it involves an officer, remember that he or she is just doing what a job. Being respectful and pleasant just may be the best thing to happen to that officer that day. (Have a question? Email michellerhodes72@gmail.com)