The Possum Kingdom Women’s Club held its monthly meeting Feb. 27.
The featured guest speaker, Sue Cathey, with Possum Kingdom Water Supply Corp., gave a presentation on water conservation.
“We are in a phase-one alert right now and could go to phase-two by the end of March, if precautions are not taken now to be more conservative,” Cathey said. “There are about 3-1/2 million gallons of water in storage right now, but, it could be gone quickly if not carefully conserved. Each meter has a generous allowance of up to 18,000 gallons per month,” she continued. ”Generally, most families use between 5,000 to 6,000 gallons per month. It is up to every single person to become aware of the importance of water conservation. A five-minute shower takes anywhere from 15 to 25 gallons of water whereas bathing uses around 50 gallons. People don’t usually stop to think about it, but simply brushing teeth takes up to four gallons of water. When men shave, they use about 100 gallons per week. We must all become conscious of our water usage. The small adjustments we make can have a definite impact.”
The current lake level is 986 feet, which is about 14 feet low, Cathey explained. Without rain, the lake could be at 67 percent capacity by the end of July.
“There were almost 50 homes that had frozen pipes that burst due to the ice storms and, most likely, it could have been avoided with proper precautions,” Cathey said.


“June 28 through July 6, potable water must be used for household purposes only,” she continued. “If there is greater usage, the first visit to a home will be a verbal warning by a representative from the water company. On the second visit, the customer will receive a verbal warning with a fine, and if there is a third visit, the customer’s water privileges may be cut off for seven days, all in accordance with Texas state laws.”