Mary Beth O Donnell applies base makeup.
Mary Beth O Donnell applies base makeup. (Mark Engebretson)
A group of high school students used spring break to pursue their passion for film — and used Possum Kingdom Lake as the locale.
Nick Kennedy, 16, has a focus and determination most teens have yet experienced.
“I just finished my last movie, ‘Wildlife Management,’” he said.
That movie played at the Dallas International Film Festival and garnered an award.
Some 16 teens are at the Kennedy weekend home at Gaines Bend, all participating in the movie.
“I wanted to direct a movie,” Kennedy said. “A friend and I wanted to start a zombie movie.”
He explained that they wrote the script, worked out the details and came to PK for the filming.
Laura Gaztambide applies zombie makeup to Joey O Donnell.
Laura Gaztambide applies zombie makeup to Joey O Donnell. (Mark Engebretson)

“This is a comedy, an apocalyptic movie that is funny.”
He said the cast is basically playing themselves.
“It’s an over dramatization of who we are in real life,” said the young director.
Kennedy said his interest in acting and movie production started at the Grapevine-Colleyville school district. He said he started doing a lot of theater and teachers suggested he continue.
“I could not do this without the support and encouragement of my drama teacher, Barton Faulks, and my film teacher, Jorge Garza.
“They make you inspired,” he said “I’m so blessed to have two of these teachers. They are the (type) teachers everyone needs.


He is also mindful of the friends who help, particularly assistant director Ryland Kaiser, who just happens to be Kennedy’s best friend.
“I could not have done this without him,” said Kennedy, who also added that Kaiser helped write the script.
“I couldn’t have done it without all of these people,” he said of the cast and crew. “You can’t accomplish anything without your friends.”
The short film, with the working title “Just Another Zombie Movie,” is about four best friends who go to their lake home at — Possum Kingdom Lake.
“While there, a series of dramatic events happened to them, leading to the outbreak of a surprise zombie apocalypse,” explained Kennedy. “The friends learn a couple life lessons on the way and try to survive the apocalypse.”
He explained that he has the skill set to edit the film to the required length, depending on requirements from film festivals they want to enter.
“The longest would be 35 minutes,” he said. “It’s not huge, it’s not professional, but we’re getting closer.”