Everyone has their own idea of what the American Dream is.
They all have what they feel is their dream and how to make that dream come true.
My idea of the American Dream is a family, education, good job and a  house on a piece of property in the land of the free. Others may have the same dream, maybe a bit simpler or even a bit more elaborate.
The thing is, almost everyone wants a piece of it.
What does it take to make it happen? An education? A job? A strong desire to succeed?
Yes, yes, yes.
First comes the education. That is very important. Without a good solid education and the ability to read and write, a good job will not come easy. To get a good job, an education is needed meaning school — study hard, graduate and maybe go to college, depending on career choices.
After that comes the job hunt. Being picky about a job can be OK, but if first starting out, take whatever is available but always look for a bigger and better opportunities. That way money is coming in. Now for the hard part … saving money.
It’s hard because most people want to take that money and blow it on stuff that really isn’t all that important or they want to go out and have fun. That’s OK to a point, but it would be best to put a portion of that money away every payday and not touch it.
It will add up to a good-sized amount, eventually leading to being able to afford a house and land, a car or even continuing education.


For one to build the American Dream, it takes hard work, self-discipline and hope. It’s possible, it’s real, it can happen for anyone who really wants it.      
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