Most everyone has days when they feel scared and lonely.
Some days may seem like things will never get better. Others may feel like life is spiraling out of control and they don’t know what to do.
They have days when they don’t even want to get out of bed, like they have nothing for which to live.
Some people may be suffering from an addiction or depression.
When days like these hit, let these people know they are not alone, that there is help, there is always someone to whom they can turn.
Children can go to a parent, a friend, a teacher or a counselor. Adults can turn to a friend, a coworker, a church or find a counseling session. For whatever the situation is, there is hope for a better and brighter day.
If the problem is personal, one could turn to a trusted friend to talk, cry or just vent. If the problem is an addiction, one could get help by going to rehab or to a counseling group.
When I have days that have me down and out, I write everything in a journal. It helps me to put my thoughts into perspective. It helps to go back to it later and see what progress I have made over time.
No matter what someone is going through, there is help. There is a way to get through it. There is always a solution. If there is someone needing a friend, be there for them. Help them get through their troubles. Let them know they are not alone.      
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