Pretty much every mother I have ever spoken to on the subject of having children say that it has been the most rewarding experience of their lives.
In my case, that is very true. Having given birth to five beautiful daughters has made my life so enjoyable and has been something I am so thankful that I got to do. It was not always easy, and not everyday has been “fun” but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
All my children are adults now except for my youngest, who is almost there. Two of them have gifted me with grandchildren. I have never been so excited since having my own children. Grandchildren are such a huge reflection of their parents that it still amazes me how much of my daughters that I see in their children. It can be a simple expression, or their personality, and most definitely their attitudes! When I see that side of them, I just shake my head and say “Yep, you are your mother’s child!” Then, of course, their is a side to my grandchildren that takes after their father’s, and for not having known my son-in-laws their entire lives, it just cracks me up wondering how they must have driven their own parents crazy when they were little.
I am going to be blessed with another grandchild in the very near future and I am once again jumping for joy. The excitement of being a grandmother again never goes away. I was just as excited for the birth of my first grand baby as I was for all the ones in between and for the new one soon to arrive.


I have heard some women say they aren’t ready for grandchildren or they are afraid of being a bad grandparent due to blotching parenthood. I never had a problem being a young grandma and, yes, I had the same fears that I would mess up being a grandparent due to the fact that I was not the world’s greatest parent. I didn’t let that stop me though. 
I am very involved with all my grandchildren and what they are doing and how they are doing. It feels like getting a second chance at enjoying the wonders of watching a child grow and learn and see the world through their eyes.
We as grandmas can be such a wonderful source of information to our own children as they embark on their own journey into parenting. We get to regale them with stories of our own experiences and mishaps.
The blessings that have been bestowed upon me are countless and a lot of that is due to my children making me a grandmother or, as I am commonly referred to by my precious grandchildren, I am Nana.       
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