“The past will come back to haunt you.”
Al lot of folks have likely heard that saying, even though they may have not quite understood its meaning.
It means that no matter what is said or done in the past — even as a child, teenager or adult — eventually it will come back to haunt them.
It may be something said years ago or it could have been something did to a person or other living creature. It could have been pictures taken and emailed or sent via text to another phone or computer, or even a picture taken by a regular camera and tucked away.
One should be careful when talking to others and how they are treated. One should be careful about what is shared on a computer or other electronic device. Just because it says it’s “deleted,” who really knows where it goes and where it will end up?
Someone, somewhere,  at some time will remember and repeat and sometimes things in one’s past might not be one worth repeating. It could be harmful to the life he or she has now.
Sometimes it’s just best to leave the past in the past.       
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