Now is the time of year that water sports and activities are In full swing.
Water parks are open, swimming pools are being used, and lakes and rivers are a constant magnet for those wanting to chill out and relax.
Water parks include Hurricane Harbor, Wet 'n Wild, Schlitterbaum, some rides at Six Flags and that's just to name a few.
Swimming pools are located at city parks, at the neighbor's or across town at someone's best friend's house.
Lakes and rivers are abundant and easily accessible by foot or car.
Water sports can include swimming, skiing, surfing, or boating.
Water activities are generally fun for the whole family, but it can turn a fun day into a nightmare. This is when small children and inexperienced swimmers wander off unattended and unnoticed. They walk or fall into the water before anyone realizes where they are. This is a horrible experience for anyone to go through.
Ways to avoid such accidents is to designate someone to guard any water sources. Have people assigned to watch the swimmers and to keep an eye out for little ones getting too close. The smaller children want to have fun, too, so have someone take them to a shallow end and let them splash around.
At lakes and rivers, put those children in life jackets. At Possum Kingdom lake, for example, the “Jacket Float Kids Don't” program offers the free loan of life jackets for children at some of the public use areas.


It's easy for an adult to break contact for a split second but if everyone pitches in and keeps watch, it will help reduce the chances of a nightmare. 
Have fun in the water but be safe. Let's help others to know the dangers of water so they, too, can have fun.
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