I see many people fighting the process of getting older.
They use dye to get rid of gray hair and creams to get rid of wrinkles. They use medications to ward off other signs of aging and sometimes resort to surgery.
On the other hand, there are those who have aged before their time, possibly due to health issues or genetics. They look and act much older than they really are.
Everyone has to age, grow up and grow older. Even though it’s inevitable it doesn’t mean a person has to let it overcome him or her sooner than their time.
With proper exercise and eating the right foods it is possible to stay in shape and that helps the body function properly and for much longer. Taking care of one’s appearance and the way one dresses contributes a lot to self esteem and self respect. That keeps a person feeling good about who they are and puts a spring in their step.
Make every day count. There should be no more sitting around feeling like 100 years old when someone isn’t even close. Do whatever it takes to get up and fill each day with something new and exciting. Read more books, continue to educate others, learn a new recipe, volunteer in the community, spend time with family and other loved ones. 
Growing older is going to happen to everyone, but it’s up to each person the effects of aging. One can just give up and get old, or get up and grow old gracefully.


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