I think one of the hardest things about going back to school is being the “new kid on the block.”
Not knowing anyone and not having a single friend starting off the new year can be terrifying for anyone.
I know going to school is supposed to be about education and deciding what to be as an adult, but in that kind of environment, it makes it so much easier and cooler to have some best buddies.
As the new student, get in there, get acquainted with others.
Almost everyone has had to go through that a time or two, some more than others. So, those who are already from that school and see a new student, smile, wave, start up a conversation. New students almost always have cool stories about where they’re from and how they got to be where they are now.
On the downside, there will be children who are mean and cruel, singling out the new ones to tease and make fun of them. It’s not right and it shouldn’t happen, but unfortunately, it will.
Going to school should not be looked back on as a bad experience or something that was awful or a waste of time. It should be remembered as the good old days — best friends, sleep overs, hanging out and doing cool stuff, and definitely learning and receiving a good education.
Getting ready for all this can be stressful on everyone — school supply shopping, clothes shopping and making sure everyone in the house knows what to do and where to be.


To make the transition from summer break to school days easier and, hopefully, more exciting, I challenge all my school-age readers to go to school and make a new friend, especially if it’s the new student.
I heard a saying once that the way to make a friend is for a person to pick someone out they like and just do cool stuff together. The more I think about that the more I see the truth in it. Sounds simple enough, so good luck with all the teachers and the classes and with all the friends, old and new.
Back to school with a fresh attitude and make this the best year ever! 
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