There seems to be a devastating situation going on — leaving babies and small children in cars.
Whether it is done out of negligence or by accident is not the issue. What is the issue is that this is a serious problem and it needs to be put to a stop immediately. Everyone needs put to put their heads together and end it.
Here’s a few ideas I have came across that may be helpful and I would love to hear some tips from readers.
• For those busy parents/caregivers who have a lot on their plates and have crazy days that never end, put one of their shoes in the backseat beside the car seat. That way, when they get out of the car and realize they are missing a shoe, they retrieve it and also see the baby. If they were supposed to drop the baby off at day care, they can do so at that time.
• Place the baby or child in the middle of the backseat where he or she can be seen through the rearview mirror. The driver should check all mirrors regularly and easily see what’s going on in the back.
• Placing the diaper bag or something pertaining to the child in the front passenger seat, being a constant reminder that children are present.
• When stopping for gas or make a few quick purchases, children should be unbuckled and taken into the store, too. Some people may think this is too much of a hassle, but I would think that the alternate would be the hassle.


There are situations that may arise when leaving children in a car — the doors getting accidentally locked, the car being stolen or the children getting out of the car unattended.
These are just a few ideas that hopefully will help prevent babies and small children being left behind.
I implore readers to come up with some ideas on this subject and let’s get those ideas out there for others. It just might save a life. 
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