A crowd of over 100 packed the Strawn school cafeteria April 4 to discuss plans for the proposed $5 million school bond that will appear on the May 11 ballot. "Anytime you are dealing with money and children it ignites passion," said Strawn Elementary Principal Brent Dawson. "The school bond brings both of those to the forefront." In the second public meeting to discuss the issue, passion was evident. Interim Superintendant Lane Jackson opened the meeting to questions and comments but urged the crowd to stay focused on the district's future plans and questions about the bond, saving personnel and other issues for school board meetings. "It is hard to look to the future when you are looking in the rear-view mirror at the past," said Jackson. Despite his pleas, some in attendance continued to stray off topic, speak over others, raise voices and even levy accusations of misconduct. Jackson was interrupted several times. Previous administration and past school board decisions and conduct received several comments. Jackson assured those concerned that plans are in the works to address those issues at a future date, "The function of this meeting is not to persuade you how to vote," explained Jackson. "I believe you are competent enough to make that decision yourself once you see how it (the bond) will impact you and your family." The meeting was then turned over to Dale Ware, construction manager from Marble Falls.


Ware came prepared with an overview and video presentation but spent most of the meeting fielding questions about the new facility and deferring to Jackson often when the questions centered around unrelated topics. Ware has presented a proposal to the school board to manage the project should the bond pass.