The Graford Independent School District Board of Trustees voted Jon Altum to fill a vacated board position in a June 4 special meeting. The position was recently vacated by Brandi Larson, and Altum, who is currently a city councilman, will be sworn in upon his resignation from the council. The board advertised for prospective candidates and held a special meeting to allow individuals seeking the position to answer questions and give a statement. Four candidates, Jon Altum, Eddie Laney, Rowdy Glover and Roger Gibson, submitted applications to fill the unexpired term. All but Gibson, who was unable to attend and submitted a letter, appeared before the board and spoke separately in a closed executive session. Upon reconvening of the board, Laney and Altum received the two highest votes with neither receiving the required majority of four for appointment. A second vote was then taken between the two with Altum receiving the majority. "We appreciate the interest in our school," said Dennis Holt, GISD superintendent "Unfortunately, there is only one seat to fill." Holt explained that the position would be on the May ballot and it would be up to Altum whether he would run for election. Altum will begin serving on the board as early as the next regular board meeting set for Thursday, June 27. "I am excited to get to do something for the school," Altum said.