Monday, Palo Pinto County commissioners voted to allow the county judge authority to lift an existing burn ban for up to 72 hours. Precinct 2 Commissioner Louis Ragle made the motion saying that conditions change quickly in the county. "Before it would happen, I would notify the commissioners and the emergency management coordinator," County Judge David Nicklas said. Precinct 4 Commissioner Jeff Fryer seconded the motion and it passed 5-0. "I think once we start doing the 72-hour lift, it'll be a good thing," said County Fire Marshal Buddy Harwell. As for the current burn ban, commissioners left it in place. While recent rains helped several areas of the county, it was not sufficient to ease the dry conditions enough to rule out a potential wildfire. "I recommend we leave it in place," Harwell said, explaining that the forecast for the coming week included high temperatures and low humidity. Also, with the July 4 weekend approaching, commissioners needed to address whether fireworks could be banned over the holiday period. "We're not at the magic number," Harwell told the court. That "magic number" is the KBDI number which measures drought conditions. Harwell said the county average must be over 590 in order to ban fireworks with sticks or fins. In a drought emergency declaration, all fireworks can be banned. With Monday's KBDI county average at 408, the court took no action on banning fireworks.