Friday, Gov. Rick Perry signed SB 918, making ti official - it is law. The bill calls for the sale of remaining commercial and residential leases at Possum Kingdom Lake along with provisions for the sale of Costello Island. However, sales of commercial and residential property cannot take place until the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission releases the Brazos River Authority from the license to operate the power generation facility at Morris Sheppard Dam. BRA officials have said the generators have been taken off line and are no longer connected to the power grid. "Once the construction activities are complete, FERC will take action upon the Brazos River Authority's Surrender Application," noted Judi Pierce, BRA information officer. "The construction time line has been extended beyond the original projection. Shortly thereafter, FERC will schedule an on-site inspection, complete its review and respond accordingly. We anticipate action around the late summer time frame. We will advise all when the process is complete." The controlled outlet conduit was installed in the dam to give BRA access to water to about the 924-foot level. A test earlier this year, a