Graford continued adding increases in its sales tax rebates for the year with another month of higher revenue. In July, Graford received a check of $10,305, an increase of nearly 49.5 percent compared to last year's rebate of $6,896. For the year, Graford has received $60,474, over 23 percent more than last year's total at this time of $49,048. Mineral Wells received a marginally bigger check this month at $285,215 - three-tenths of a percent more than the $284,324 in last year's check. So far this year, Mineral Wells is close to 6.75 percent behind rebates received last year at a little more than $2.1 million. Mingus' rebate went up over 9.5 percent this month with a check of $1,519. Mingus is over 7.5 percent ahead of 2012, having received $10,488 this year. Strawn saw another decrease, receiving $12,062, down more than 43 percent compared to last year's check of $21,196. This year, Strawn has received $65,303 over 25 percent less than the $87,529 at this time in 2012. Gordon reversed its fortunes, receiving a slightly higher check than last year. This month the town received $5,081, three-quarters of a percent over the 5,045 received last year. For the year, Gordon has received $34,767, down almost 8 percent from last year's $37,753.