The Possum Kingdom Water Supply Corp. Board of Directors met Wednesday morning and was briefed by Jeremiah Gore, water plant supervisor, regarding the water problems over the July 4 holiday week. "I understand the situation we had," he began. "This is my 10th year here, this was my 10th Fourth of July. That is the pinnacle of my year. "The entire month before is spent preparing for the fourth. All of the tanks in our water system were full." He explained that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires 619 gallons of water per day per connection. Business manager Sue Cathey interjected that there were 2,195 connections in July. Gore said that put the capacity requirement at 1.36 million gallons. "With (all) storage depleted, it would take three days to refill it," he added. Gore said that, on June 24-25, the tanks were full. On June 28, the system was full - 2.8 million gallons in storage and 1 million in the water lines. He explained that on July 4, there was low pressure on the West Side and north end. The next day there was again low pressure on the West Side and no water on most of the north end. "In 36 hours, 2.7 million gallons of storage was used plus the line volume," he continued. He said the Chapel tank (West Side) dropped 300,000 gallons in 24 hours and Gaines Bend dropped 200,000 gallons. Water produced over the holiday period was 1.275 million gallons on July 4; 1.2 million, July 5; 1.21 million, July 6; 1.


364 million, July 7; and 1.383 million on July 8. Not only was water being used before it got to the Willow Beach storage tanks and later the Elm Creek standpipe, but low water levels in the plant storage tanks could not produce enough pressure to push water to the north end. "There has to be 33 feet of water in plant storage to fill Elm Creek," Gore continued. He said engineers are reviewing the system and will present suggestions to the board at the August meeting.