It was announced in a press release that the Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors met July 16 and decided not to reschedule the Hell's Gate Fireworks for 2013. "The only realistic date to reschedule the show is Labor Day weekend, Saturday, Aug. 31," explained Gayla Chambers, executive director of PKCC. "The realization is that, on this weekend, lodges and RV spaces are already booked and homeowners who can have likely made plans to be here that weekend. It was the consensus of the board that a fireworks show would not make a significant economic impact. YMCA Camp Grady Spruce would have supported the Labor Day reschedule, however, the board sensed this would put stress on YMCA's staff as their part-time summer workforce would no longer be available. In addition, the YMCA is busy preparing for Trifecta Triathlon, scheduled for Sept. 15."