Monday, Palo Pinto County commissioners voted to seek requests for proposals to upgrade electrical and lighting issues in the courthouse as well as upgrades in the district courtroom. Justin Gilmore, of Level 5 Design Group, presented plans and drawings as well as an explanation of what is being proposed. "It's a pretty basic set of plans," he said. The plans address the electrical issues, grounding and overloaded panels, plus moving a sink that is located beneath electrical panels. There are also safety issues addressed in the plans. "We've added quite a few exit signs," Gilmore continued. There is also a plan to install an exit ladder on the west side of the courthouse. There is one on the east side. In the corridors, there are dark areas. Gilmore said those areas would be illuminated with fixtures similar to original lighting but with modern illumination. Stairwells would also be illuminated using original-looking chandeliers that would replace current florescent lights. Those chandeliers would use LED lighting. The district courtroom plans call for improved sound systems, screens for visibility of evidence presented to juries and technological upgrades. Gilmore recommended that sealed competitive proposals be submitted to the county judge not later than 3 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20. The bids would be opened and read the following Monday. He said those proposals would then be given to Level 5 for comparison and brought back to commissioners with recommendations.


One additional requirement was that potential bidders will be required to attend a courthouse walk through at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 11.