As a result of an eight-month long investigation into illegal organized drug trafficking operations in Palo Pinto County, search warrants and arrest warrants were served last week at locations across the city of Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County, Parker County and in the city of Dallas. "This thing stretched from Alice to Mineral Wells to Jacksboro and to Dallas," said Sheriff Ira Mercer. "Four defendants in Dallas were the main suppliers," he explained. "It's pure cartel dope. There are ties to the Aryan Brotherhood and the cartels." In September, 18 sealed indictments were issued by the Palo Pinto County grand jury for individuals for the charge of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity in regards to the distribution of methamphetamine. The investigation discovered that a number of individuals in Dallas were the source of the greater amounts of methamphetamine which were eventually distributed in Palo Pinto County by mostly local individuals. All but two individuals were located and arrested last week. During the investigation and eventual search warrants, approximately 6 pounds of methamphetamine were confiscated, five firearms, along with approximately $11,000 in illegal proceeds. "The meth was worth about $200,000 on the street," the sheriff said. Two other individuals were arrested during the warrant service for illegal possession of drug paraphernalia.