Palo Pinto County Emergency Management Coordinator Buddy Harwell held a Local Emergency Management Committee meeting last week, one that will help the county meet requirements from the state. Attending the first meeting were representatives from the Brazos River Authority, Santo, Lone Camp and Possum Kingdom East volunteer fire departments; Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto and Santo school districts; Brazos Electric Co-op; Texas and Pacific Railroad; Mineral Wells officials including the fire chief, chief of police, city manager and mayor; and Palo Pinto General Hospital staff. Harwell said that, following the disastrous explosion in West, the state began pressing counties to activate LEMCs. Long a requirement, these committees had been somewhat dormant. Harwell told the group that the mission is to anticipate and plan for foreseeable disasters. "The emergency plans for Palo Pinto County are 98 percent done," Harwell said, adding that they have been sent to the state for review before going to commissioners court for adoption. Once the county adopts the plan, it will be sent to other entities in the county for approval. Another aspect of LEMC is to inform the public of hazardous material locations. A federal requirement, that information will be available on line. Another meeting will be held at the end of January for the election of a presiding chairman, cochairman and secretary.