Don Blair, PK Resort Ministries, has initiated a program for Graford school - the Graford Buddy Backpack Program. "Fifty students leave school on Friday with nothing to eat at home until they return Monday," he said. Under the program, the school has a coordinator who will place nondescript bags of non-perishable food in the lockers of students who have been identified as needing assistance. "We send a letter to the families," he said. "In red letters, if a child has food allergies, let us know." Of course, parents can opt out, but, also, if there are younger siblings at home, additional food can be sent for them, too. Teachers receive a referral form that has identifying features for an under-nourished child. That form is then sent to the coordinator at the school. The coordinator meets with the student and the family. "It will all be kept confidential, very discreet," said Blair. So far, the organization has raised $1,353. "It costs about $3 to $5 per week per student," he continued. "PK Ministries is a 501c(3) organization. A hundred percent of the funding goes to food. "If funds are available, we will do an extended holiday program." Also through the program, Blair said he hopes to be able to get to know the families, to help with job training, drug or alcohol recovery if necessary and other assistance as needed. Plans call for the initial list of eligible children and families to be finalized and the first distributions to be made before mid-December. To help, register for the program or make a donation, call Blair at 940-329-1048.