The filing deadline has passed and another candidate has filed for the March primary. Raymond Procter, former Precinct 4 commissioner, has filed for that position for the Democrat primary. In the Republican primary, Earnest Pechacek, former Precinct 4 commissioner, filed for county judge; Debbie Murray and Jessica Wright have both filed for county clerk; Randy Hunter, appointed by commissioners as Precinct 4 constable when Jim Roberts retired, filed for the primary to fill Roberts' unexpired term; and Stacie Frye, candidate for district clerk. Also filing are incumbents Jeff Fryer, Precinct 4 commissioner; Todd Baker, Precinct 1 justice of the peace; Louis Ragle, Precinct 2 commissioner; Bobby Hart, Precinct 5 JP; Janie Glover, district clerk; Shane Long, Precinct 2 JP; C.L. "Coppy" Hodgkins filed for the Precinct 4 justice of the peace office he now holds; Janette Green, county clerk; David Nicklas, county judge; Tanya Fallon, county treasurer; and Shawn Humphries, Precinct 3 JP.