Fields (Courtesy photo)
Graham City Manager Larry Fields announced at the end of this morning's city council meeting that he will be retiring Apr. 2 of this year. In a letter to the council, Fields said that it has been a privilege to work for the community in Graham.

“I thank all of the elected officials, the citizens of Graham, and most especially the many city employees that I have worked alongside for your support and friendship,” Fields wrote.

The announcement will not be official until it becomes an agenda item to be passed by the city council at the next meeting in two weeks. As Fields passed his retirement letter to various members of the council, Mayor Barry White joked that he did not want to accept the announcement.

Fields became City Manager of Graham in 1979, and prior to his appointment here, he served as the City Manager in Panhandle, Texas in 1973 and Abernathy, Texas in 1975. He has also been a member of and served on many professional association boards such as the Texas City Managers Association, Texas Municipal League, and Texas Municipal League –Intergovernmental Employee Benefit Pool.

“I'm very comfortable with making this decision, because I feel that the city is in good condition and I have so much confidence in the present employees we've got and in the elected officials we've got,” Fields said. “I think it's the right time.”

Read more on Fields' retirement and the next steps for the city in the weekend edition of the Graham Leader.