(Mark Engebretson)
District 60 State Rep. Jim Keffer was at Possum Kingdom Lake Friday to address a handful of people at the Harbor Grille. "Thankfully, everybody, there's only about a week of campaigning left," he began. "I've had he pleasure and honor to serve Palo Pinto County since 1997. I really appreciate the stout support from Palo Pinto County." With his tenure, Keffer has some seniority in the Texas House. "Leadership in the House is not a bad thing," he continued. Of Possum Kingdom Lake and the things accomplished over the last few years, he said it was reasonable people who made it happen. "This is a system, not a satellite," he said of the lake. "If anything is done, everybody has to be at the table. We have practical minds, responsible people with a common goal to get it done right." As for the election, Keffer's message has been about apathy. "The main thing we're fighting is apathy," he said. "Every vote is going to count. We haven't had that big a vote in Palo Pinto County, we have to have the vote to fight the fringes."