With the real threat of lake levels continuing to fall, Possum Kingdom Water Supply Corp. has taken steps to assure a continued water supply for customers.
“We have ordered a floating pumping station with two big submersible pumps,” said Sue Cathey, PKWSC business manager.
She explained that the pumps would be used with a floating dock just below the intake station.
“It will be anchored and hoses will be attached to the intake for the plant,” she said.
Cathey explained that the current intake is in 20-feet of water. When the lake drops to 19 or 20 feet low, that intake will no longer be able to function as designed.
“There’s about 50 feet of water under there,” Cathey commented.
She explained that engineers anticipate deliver of the pumps around the end of June, somewhat sooner than anticipated.
“The estimated cost is $150,000,” she said. “We’re applying for a grant.”
The Water Programs Emergency and Imminent Community Water Assistance Grant is available through the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Program.
“We’ve talked to them and they said it sounds like it meets their criteria,” said Cathey. “Engineers are pulling together the information. We should be able to submit the request by the middle or end of next week.”
As of Tuesday, Possum Kingdom Lake was 14.75-feet low.