Mineral Wells voters overwhelmingly passed the 4b sales tax proposition with 1,558 to 65.
The special election was held to reallocate one-eighth cent of the city’s sales tax to be used to restore the Baker Hotel.
“Now that we have the community’s support, we will canvass votes on the 20th and pass an ordinance which confirms that the 4b sales tax election passed and then notify the comptroller — there’s a lot of documentation to be done,” said Lance Howerton, Mineral Wells city manager. “Then it’s just a matter of the (Baker Hotel Development Group) developers being able to begin finalizing their effort of getting the financing in place to buy the hotel.
“The city council will need to appoint a board to oversee the 4b Economic Development Fund, and they will need to be approved, so we still have a lot of processes to go through before anything else can happen,” continued Howerton. ”It will take some time, since the tax is collected in October and remitted in December, we are probably looking at this time next year before actual construction would be able to begin. There is a lot of cleanup that has to be done beforehand.”