The Board of Trustees of the Graford Independent School District held a special meeting to discuss several recent issues of concern.
After canvassing the votes of the May 10 election, one provisional ballot was found to be ineligible. There were 115 people casting ballots.
Rowdy Glover received 74 votes; Jon Altum, 55; and Eddie Laney, 54.
Branden Waters is resigning from the board to move out of town, which will leave one position open. Glover and Altum will be sworn in Thursday, May 29, filling the vacancies.
In other business, the board has elected to cease negotiation with Buford Thompson Contractor as their construction manager at risk. There was no contract between the two entities, and the decision to sever ties with the company was made based on the board’s belief that the firm had seemingly under-performed in its expectations of the services that were required.
“I wish I had not recommended having a CMR, and I feel that we can handle whatever needs to be done by coordinating responsibilities,” reported GISD Superintendent Dennis Holt. “I feel confident that James (Lenamon, director of maintenance) and his staff can handle whatever is required of them, and we (the board) can work with examining the sealed bids and make the best decisions and stay with a plan that will get quicker results. I believe that I can handle the responsibilities of being site superintendent.


Holt said he wants to have the athletic complex completed by the end of February or first of March.
“We need to try to save money from fees and overhead; BTC has not been putting in the leg work to get the job done, let’s get it done,” he added.
“After examining and testing the school’s 50 HVAC units, we have found that 21 units will need to be replaced,” said Lenamon.
Holt  told the board three bids had been received, with lowest at $96,774 from Arrow Air Conditioning out of Mineral Wells.
As for roofing, six quotes were submitted using different methodology.
“It can be painted on with a special coating; rolled out with a product that is like a thick membrane made of PVC, called Duralast; or a rubber-based cover known as TPO,” Holt said.
 He explained that Lenamon would visit Decatur to check their school’s roof which has both Duralast and TPO.
“That way we will see the difference and know if there are problems with one or the other,” said Holt.
He also suggested keeping the budget for that at around $250,000.
“We know that two of the six zones will need to be completely replaced, and that is the junior high and the main high school,” he added. “The rest would suffice with being repaired, but we will have to make that decision once we hear the outcome of James’ trip to Decatur. Premier Roofing or D.K. Haney (out of Fort Worth) had the best quotes/bids.”
There have also been three  bids on building the bus barn. The superintendent recommended spending no more than $200,000.
“We can move a 60-foot by 60-foot (hangar) building from the heliport and put it on the southeast corner of Graford ISD,” he said. “It can fit six buses and the high jump mats. We need a lofted area of about 20-25 foot. And, if we hire local, using Classic Construction, that would probably be the best bet, because we should be able to do that for around $66,700, which would include the electrical work that needs to be done, re-installation of the A/C units, new insulation and new skin on the exterior and also new concrete to get it up to specs.”
Holt went on to say that Oncor will charge about $3,600 to reroute transmission lines.
“So, at this point, most of the bids are workable and things are looking up,” he said. “We need to get the architects busy. The biggest drawback is getting mechanical and electrical engineers synchronized, but we need to stick to our plans and just get it done.”