Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Mike Sudderth retires today after a law enforcement career that spanned over 36 years.
“I spent 10-1/2 years at the sheriff’s office,” he said. “I was with TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) 22 years. On Jan. 31, 2004, I left there.”
Sudderth said while with TABC he was based in Mineral Wells and covered four counties.
“I worked for the police department in Bonham for four years before going to state.”
“He’s been the person I’ve listened to the most,” said Sheriff Ira Mercer. “He has certainly been an asset.”
The sheriff said Sudderth was instrumental in a number of technology upgrades at the sheriff’s office during his time there.
“I have the utmost respect and admiration for Mr. Sudderth,” said Palo Pinto County Judge David Nicklas. “He has stepped in and done a terrific job.”
Sudderth said he plans on spending time fishing.
“Wintertimes are going to be spent in Port Aransas, Texas, fishing,” he said. “When I’m not in Port Aransas, I’ll be in Palo Pinto County, Texas, fishing.
“I enjoyed my time here,” Sudderth continued. “I’m dearly going to miss my folks, it’s a great bunch of people to work with.”
“He’s been my anchor and I sure am going to miss him — but he wants to go fishing,” Mercer added.