An information and enrollment meeting about Medicaid managed care options will be held 10 a.m.-noon Tuesday, July 8, at Palo Pinto General Hospital, 400 SW 25th Ave., Mineral Wells.
Older adults who have Medicaid and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are on Medicaid will get some or all health-related services through a managed care plan beginning Monday, Sept. 1.
The informational meeting will help individuals and families learn more about the choices that will be available in Palo Pinto County. At the session, individuals can sign up with a STAR+PLUS health plan or change their current plan to a STAR+PLUS plan if they are enrolled in the STAR program, sign up with a primary care provider and register to get an identification card.
Basic medical services for people with Medicaid only and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities will be provided by their health plan’s network of doctors, hospitals and other providers. Basic medical services includes doctor visits, hospital visits and prescriptions.
Community-based long-term services and support includes personal assistance, respite, medical supplies and other services. Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities will continue to use their current system of accessing these services. People with Medicaid only will access long-term services and supports through their managed care plan.
Individuals on both Medicare and Medicaid will continue to use Medicare for their basic medical services and prescriptions.


When they need community-based long-term services and supports, those with Medicare and Medicaid will access them through a managed care plan.
The state’s program for Medicaid managed care is called STAR+PLUS. Most people in Texas who have Medicaid already get their health services through the STAR+PLUS program. By expanding to Palo Pinto County and other rural counties, the program will cover the entire state.
For more information about STAR+PLUS and Medicaid managed care, call the STAR+PLUS help line at 800-964-2777, or visit
The information and enrollment session is hosted at the hospital through arrangements made by the North Central Texas Area Agency on Aging in Arlington. Information and enrollment services are provided by MAXIMUS Inc. on behalf of the STAR+PLUS program and the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.
The North Central Texas Area Agency on Aging, a program of the North Central Texas Council of Governments, is a regional organization that provides benefits counseling and other health support services to residents of 14 counties in the North Central Texas area.