ounty Emergency Services District board member, gave the ESD’s audit report to commissioners Monday.
“Things are a lot better than last year,” he began.
Last year, the report was late and, under state law, Blacksten and ESD board president Bill James were removed from the board. Commissioners did reappoint them.
Blacksten said the ESD’s original budget was $747,441 but was amended to $759,050. The ESD had also originally budgeted $684,576 for the county’s 11 volunteer fire departments.
“We sent $715,000 to the 11 departments,” he said.
As of Dec. 31, the ESD had received $798,673 in property tax revenues.
“We felt like it was a pretty good year,” he added.
“It was an unqualified audit report, we’re pretty happy with the report.”
The only corrective action that needed to be taken was to provide the county clerk a copy of the insurance policy that provided the bond for the treasurer.
Blacksten explained that the ESD had included a $25,000 theft provision in its insurance policy as opposed to a $5,000 bond. The theft provision is, in effect, a bond, however, for two years the audit had reflected the bond requirement was not met.
Blacksten said this year the auditors accepted the insurance policy as meeting the bond requirement. As a result, the ESD was required to furnish the information to the county clerk.
Blacksten said that had already been accomplished.