The Brazos River Authority Hoard of Directors decided that the current Halff Study regarding the drawdown ratio between Possum Kingdom Lake and Lake Granbury will stand, at least for now.
Following a review of the assumptions and criteria used in the study, BRA staff recommended to the board there be no reevaluation unless a stakeholder committee with representation from each lake is formed and a consensus is reached on the scope and approach.
That resolution passed 10-5.
Staff considered different options before coming to the board with its recommendation. The considerations included no reevaluation, obtain additional data on facilities and water depths at each lake and reanalyze the adopted protocol to see if any adjustments are necessary but not change the study methodology and approach, or start over with a new approach
Under the Halff Study, field data and Texas Water Development Board estimates of lake bottom structure were compiled while BRA sent someone to measure 1,180 facilities. The determination was that if a dock had 2 feet or more it was usable. Staff admitted it was not perfect, however, the 2 foot assumptions were applied evenly.
A comment suggested 2 feet was too shallow. The response was that, at 5 feet, more facilities would be out of use.


One to 1:75 seemed to be the criteria for either assumption. Because of being a shallower lake, facilities go out of service more quickly at Lake Granbury than at PK. Staff reported that 75 percent of facilities at PK are out of service at 14 feet low.
In another item, the board passed a resolution to allow CEO Phil Ford to negotiate agreements previously entered into with parties opposing the System Operation Permit so long as all negotiations are in the best interest of BRA.