The Graford Independent School District Board of Trustees discussed several issues at last week’s board meeting concerning the renovation projects.
James Lenamon, director of maintenance, reported that “everything was going well and moving along as expected, and, so far, they were under budget on the work that has been done.”
“The roofing went well and we are very satisfied with the product (Duralast) used,” said Lenamon. “The construction was done by DK Haney Roofing of Fort Worth and there is a 10-year warranty on the new roof.”
“The estimated budget for the new roof allowed for expenditures of $450,000, and the cost was about $250,000,” reported Dennis Holt, Graford ISD superintendent.
“The air conditioning work was done by Arrow Air Conditioning of Mineral Wells,” added Lenamon. “The air conditioning units are all functioning properly; and the steel work at the bus barn is 90 percent finished, so we’re plugging along with several projects in the works.
“We are in the process of getting the busses inspected and ready for the school year,” concluded Lenamon.
Representatives Glenda Ramsey and Clint Farris, from Harper/Perkins Architects of Wichita Falls, discussed the difference in costs of standard and split-face blocks, being $1.50 each and $3.50 each respectively, and choice of colors. The blocks will be used in the construction of the concessions stand and dugouts in the athletic complex.


Samples of each block and the variety of colors available were shown to board members, but no firm decision was made.
The board discussed plans for fencing alternatives, sidewalk plans for the athletic complex area, dugouts, batting cages, bathrooms, light poles and fixtures, and the concession stand cabinets, ceiling fans and electrical outlets.
Holt said this is Phase II, and they will be“putting it out for bid” until Thursday, Aug. 14. He reported that, so far, they have nine general contractors and five subcontractors interested.
“We have been researching turfing alternatives for the baseball and softball complexes; and have had six companies place bids.”
After presenting each bid, the board agreed unanimously to go with Astroturf, at a cost of over $1.7 million.