surprise move, Palo Pinto County commissioners hired Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Jordan as the new county fire marshal and emergency management coordinator.
County Judge David Nicklas and Precinct 3 Commissioner Mike Pierce interviewed him for the position.
“He has his peace officer certification, he has arson and investigation classes, he worked during the big fires as a point man for the sheriff’s office and he did all the paperwork for FEMA,” Nicklas said. “He’s taking grant classes at Tarleton where he will graduate in December. He has the basic firefighter skills.”
Nicklas did say that his arson and investigation certifications have expired, but a retest can get those certifications reinstated.
“He’s already made a lot of effort to get those tests,” the judge added.”Both of us (Pierce) came away believing he was the right man.”
Jordan said he has been with the sheriff’s office for over 10 years.
“I did investigations, was a training coordinator and SWAT team commander,” he said. “I attended the fire academy in 2004 at Weatherford College.”
Jordan will also graduate from Tarleton in December with a degree in criminal justice administration.
He explained that he wants a smooth transition and wants to be a liaison between the county and the volunteer departments.
“They do a fantastic job and I want to continue to ensure their successes,” he added.