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    My Side: A plea bargain

    01/22/2015 02:57 PM CST
    A plea bargain from a Class B misdemeanor down to a Class C means admitted thief Scott Isaac Lynch, 20, of Mineral Wells, should have gotten a fine and court costs — he also got 30 days confinement, something not provided for under state law. 
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    My Side: Terrorists
    01/15/2015 11:17 AM CST - It seems terrorists attacks are cropping up in more and more places. The recent attack on a Paris magazine highlight the danger faced by those who are willing to remind people of the dangers in the world today and those who would sacrifice others in the name of “religion. Read more

    (Stephanie Mullen/AP)
    Gold nuggets stolen from Wells Fargo museum in San Francisco

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Thieves in a stolen SUV smashed through the glass doors of the Wells Fargo History Museum in downtown San Francisco before dawn Tuesday and made off with historic gold nuggets on display. Full Story
    (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP, File)
    Benedict Cumberbatch sorry for racist remark

    “The Imitation Game” actor was trying to address racial inequities in the film business when he referred to “colored actors” during a TV interview.