Who owns Park Road 36? According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the Brazos River Authority owns that stretch of road. A spokeswoman said BRA owns it all the way to Highway 16. We have a request in to BRA officials for clarification. The problem with PR 36 is that stretch between FM 2951 and Camp Grady Spruce. Anyone who has traveled that particular stretch of road understands the dangers - sharp curves, narrow lanes and driveways that are a danger to use. Hundreds of busses travel that road every year carrying thousands of children to Camp Grady Spruce. To date, there has been not one bus accident, which is a testament to the skill of the drivers who carry those children - and luck. We have information that at least part of the road failed to follow the easement granted for the right-of-way. And there is word that that easement could be abandoned, leaving PR 36 as it is - dangerous. There are no engineers here, but it would seem that both TxDOT and BRA would want to take proactive steps to help assure the safety of children by bringing that roadway into compliance with state standards for width and radius of curves. Hopefully, something can be figured out before an accident claims the life of even one child. There will be more on this, so we're not pointing fingers - yet.