Dear Michelle, I have been talking to this guy from out of town, but I don't like not getting to see him all the time. Although I really do adore him sometimes. I feel like this relationship is going nowhere due to the long distance. What should I do? Clueless Dear Clueless, Being in a long-distance relationship is extremely difficult for anyone, but it can be done. In order for it to work there are a few things that each partner in this relationship must have. There must be patience, respect for the other person, trust and, most definitely, communication. Without these there is no relationship that will make it, not even a long-distance one. You say you adore him but the relationship is going nowhere. Sit back and analyze the situation. What obstacles stand in the way of seeing each other? Can those obstacles be overcome? Is this relationship always going to be long distance or is there hope of a move on one or the other's part eventually? Ask yourself what do you enjoy about this person? Do you have fun talking to him? Is he nice to you? Do you enjoy each other's company when do you get to see him? Do you see yourself in a relationship with this guy if long distance was not an issue? If you answered yes to any of these questions then hang in there and give it some time. Enjoy the times you do spend together, whether it be the movies, dinner or just hanging out. Getting through this now will strength the relationship even more.


It will be based on a foundation of love and friendship that most relationships never have. It will be based on your trust for each other, your desire to be there for each other even when it gets rough. It will be based on the things that matter the most. Long-distance relationships are hard and can be emotionally draining, but if you see yourself having a future with this guy, and it is what you both want, then hang in there. It will be well worth the wait. Thank you and good luck. Michelle (Have a question? Email