Dating someone of a different race, or having an interracial relationship, has become a very controversial topic over the years. Some people question the morals, values and principles of such relationships while others question the welfare of children born of interracial couples. Some children of these couples are ridiculed, laughed at, made fun of, called names and bullied in many other ways as well. Then again, so are children born of parents from the same race. Bullies are going to pick on children, no matter their age, size, shape or color. This type of behavior is hurtful, causing the bullied ones to run home in shame. Their feelings will be hurt, they will be frustrated and upset. This is where the parents provide a home for the children that is safe, loving and secure, making sure the atmosphere is comfortable. This gives the children a place to relax and be themselves, to be happy with who they are. As for those involved or considering getting involved in an interracial relationship, they should follow their hearts. If they find someone who is loving, caring, kind, considerate and everything else that is important in a relationship, then they should go for it. No matter if they are black, white or green striped, everyone deserves to find true love. (Have a question? Email