Road trips can be an absolute awesome adventure, but there are certain things to remember and heed when traveling long distances. 1. When traveling across the country always take a couple of friends. This provides an extra driver and it takes away the monotony of driving down a long boring road. 2. Always stop every few hours. This allows time for stretching, taking a potty break, a smoke break, grabbing snacks and drinks, and fueling up. 3. Never stop on the side of the road unless it's an absolute emergency. If it's necessary then pull over as far as possible to the far right of the road and where the car can be seen by oncoming traffic. Place the hazards on and quickly do what needs to be done to get back on the road. 4. Try to avoid rest stops. Emergencies may arise calling for an immediate quick stop. If needing to use the facilities at a rest stop, park in a very lighted area, check the surroundings for anything that may seem odd or unusual, and use the buddy system when getting out of the car. Make sure the car is locked. Upon entering the car again, before getting back in check the floor boards and backseat just to make sure no one decided to hide out. These tips are not to scare anyone or talk anyone out of taking a road trip. They are to make people alert and cautious. Hopefully putting these tips to use will turn a could-be horrifying experience into a very awesome road trip that will be remembered for years to come. Always remember: Safety first. (Have a question? Email michellerhodes72@gmail.